Telltale Games announces The Walking Dead, Fables, King’s Quest, and more!

I’m a huge junkie for Telltale Games; and I’m a huge junkie for Back to the Future. Needless to say, I was very excited when they announced last year that they were making an adventure game based on Marty McFly’s adventures, with the second episode in the game’s season out this week. This year, Telltale has managed to make me scream like a high school chick to the point in which my roommate asked me if I was dying. Indeed I was dying…out of excitement, that is!

The famed developer of episodic gaming based on popular franchises held a press conference the night of February 17th to make some reports on sales and announcements on upcoming projects. In the conference, Telltale raised awareness of how we, as consumers and developers alike, must embrace the future era of digital content. And embrace we must; publishing games through digital distributors like Steam is indeed much cheaper than actually publishing a retail copy in places like GameStop.

Telltale proceeded to talk about their upcoming Jurassic Park, announcing a release date for the first episode along with a nicely put together trailer and a hands-on demo. This game will mark as the first time a player can actually die in a Telltale title. Jurassic Park will be released sometime in April of this year with a price tag of $35. You’ll get a $5 discount if you pre-order the game now.

Another project under their sleeves is a game based on the popular and critically acclaimed comic The Walking Dead, which already has an AMC show (also insanely popular). Not much has been said, other than Robert Kirkman being heavily involved with this project. We’ve seen this done before with Bob Gale and Back to the Future, and Ron Gilbert with Monkey Island. Telltale has also paired up with Bill Willingham to create a video game based on the award-winning comic series Fables. The developers will also continue work on Hector: Badge of Carnage and Puzzle Agent, the second one getting a sequel, cleverly named Puzzle Agent 2.

And if all of these announcements weren’t enough for you, you better hold on to your socks, because Telltale’s rebooting Roberta Williams’ King’s Quest! I’ll just let you calm down for a moment, for all these announcements are simply amazing plans that I’m looking forward from such a good developer of adventure games that Telltale is.

No more details have been given on all projects but Jurassic Park. Stay tuned for any future updates on Telltale’s upcoming projects.

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