PSN Back Online: Sony President Announces So through Video Update

Kazuo Hirai, President of Sony, has released a video update regarding the restoration of the PSN. In this video, Hirai assures you that Sony is really sorry regarding the outage…I mean, very very very very very very very sorry.

After throwing Sony’s favorite words again (that’s “around the clock” since they work oh so hard) the president of Sony comments that PSN is slowly being restored as we speak over the course of America’s different regions. The features that will be restored are:

  • Sign in to the PSN and Qriocity
  • Online Play with PSP and PS3 games
  • Music Unlimited
  • Access to third party services such as Netflix and Hulu, Vudu, and MLB TV
  • Friend List, Chat functions, Trophy Comparison, and
  • Play Station Home (but no one cares about this one)

Hirai then states that Play Station Store and purchase functions will come back shortly, followed by upgraded security such as increased levels of encryption, additional firewalls, early warning systems, etc. He then mentioned the Welcome Back Package that acts as a way to keep you around PSN with the giving away of free shenanigans.

Finally, the Play Station Blog also offered a map that shows any regions in which the online service is available. PSN-enabled states will be highlighted in the map.

[viddler id=7d63c65a&w=437&h=370]

So, what are your thoughts? Are you happy that Sony is finally bringing PSN online? Did you trade in your PS3 for another console? Is Sony giving you enough stuff as an apology?

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