Sonic Generations Demo to Hit PSN and XBLA Tomorrow; 20th Anniversary Bundle for PSN

It seems like Sega really wants to remind you just how great their blue hedgehog is by inviting you to celebrate 20 years of Sonic the way it’s mean to be; even if you’re not able to join Sega in their festivities physically.

Sega will be releasing a Sonic Generations Demo tomorrow, June 23rd, through Play Station Network and Xbox Live. News site Adriasang also reported that the Demo, while hitting both Sony and Microsoft’s console, will also have a time limit. The demo will be removed from digital spaces on July 12th, giving everyone 20 days (get it? Because Sonic is now 20?) to get a taste of Sonic’s latest game that features 2D gameplay with Classic Genesis Sonic, and 3D action with Modern Green-Eyed Sonic.

And if that’s not enough Sonic for you, well Sega’s got even more! Ain’t that nice of them? Play Station Network is getting a 20th Anniversary Bundle tomorrow, which includes what Sega and most fans of the blue blur think are the best Sonic games. These games are Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, and Sonic Adventure DX. Additionally, Sega has dropped in the sonic goods basket a Sonic 4 Dynamic Theme for your Play Station 3’s XMB.

More than the Anniversary Bundle, it’s the Sonic Generations Demo that…I don’t want to use the word “excited” since I don’t want to fall into the Sonic Cycle, but it’s the thing I’m  keeping an eye out on. I’ve been meaning to try out Sonic Generations to see if it’s a game that finally works. I believe only the 2D part of the game will be good, while the Modern Sonic stages will still be broken, leaving me only half of the game. Maybe what I’ll have to do on release day is go to GameStop, and promise them I won’t play as Modern Sonic if they let me pay half of the price. We’ll just have to see that tomorrow, when the demo’s up and you can read impressions of the demo here in GamerSyndrome.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this gameplay footage:


The Sonic 20th Anniversary Bundle will be on sale for a limited time only for $20 dollars. The Bundle and the Sonic Generations Demo will be available tomorrow, June 23rd. Sonic Generations is bound to hit shelves November 22nd and it will be available on the Nintendo 3DS, Play Station 3, and Xbox 360.

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