Shocker!! Plants vs. Zombies coming to PSN

Shocker!! Plants vs. Zombies coming to PSN


Oh, I’m sorry. It’s just that it’s terribly hilarious. I mean, just when you though you’ve gone through PvZ for the last time on your Nintendo DS, PopCap Games comes out with…sighs, another platform release of Plants vs. Zombies!?

Well, it’s true kids. The popular and critically acclaimed tower defense game, Plants vs. Zombies, will be hitting the Play Station Network sometime around February, in conjunction with titles from NinjaBee and Recoil Games.

Now, some of the games that will be arriving to the PSN in February actually sound really interesting. Take Rochard, for example. Developed by Recoil Games, you are space miner John Rochard as he attempts to uncover the true existence of alien life while combining puzzle-solving and a side scrolling exploration experience. Think about it as Dead Space and Metroid having a baby…a nasty, pulsating necromorph-metroid little larva. Nevertheless, the game sound interesting, so I’ll be sure to check it out. In addition, Fire Hose Games’ Slam Bolt Scrappers will have you building huge towers while defending against a bunch of enemies and incredible boss battles.

So, amongst all these new and interesting sounding titles we have, yet again, Plants vs. Zombies. I don’t think I need to talk too much about it, since Harry covered the tower defense game thoroughly. So, if you haven’t played the game on your PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android/XBLA/DS, hey, you can still get it on your PlayStation 3 because, c’mon, there are not enough versions of this game, right?

I mean, seriously, I haven’t seen this many ports of a supposed to be exclusive game since…well, I’m not gonna point any fingers…

Okay, fine, I said it!

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