Modern Warfare 3 teaser, details revealed

You read it right, there’s now a not insignificant amount of content floating around about Modern Warfare 3, and we’ve got it. So let’s cut to the chase, here’s what you came for. Oh and once you’re done, feel free to fill the comment section with your interpretations, and hey, maybe even a handy translation for the last bit.

[UPDATE: Destructoid reports that this is the first of four teasers, each depicting (we use the term loosely) war in different countries]


Infinity Ward also “leaked” some significant details about the game yesterday:

  • Releases November 8, 2011.
  • Massive battles  in New York, London and Paris.
  • Story will answer questions from previous games, and depict the “final moments” of key characters.
  • Takes place directly after Modern Warfare 2 and is set around the world, with players taking on the roles of a Russian Federal Protective Services agent,  an SAS Operative, a tank gunner, and an AC-130 gunner, as well as various main characters.
  • Game plays out in 15 chapters, starting with a Russian invasion of Manhattan and concluding in Dubai.
  • Game will introduce two new characters, Frost and Sandman.
  • Two new Spec Ops modes — Survival and Mission.

So there you have it, lots to get pumped about, now predict predict predict.

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