The PSP2 revealed; codenamed NGP.

Just a few moments ago, at the PlayStation Press Conference in Tokyo, Kaz Hirai, President of Sony, unveiled to the world the new PSP2.

The new system will feature all of your favorite predictions. An OLED display, two thumbsticks, a rear touchpad, and a front and rear camera. The NGP will also feature 3G and Wi-Fi network, so that you can be connected to the Internet more than ever before.

Sony also talked about the apps that the NGP will use, such as Near. With Near, players will be able to track what other games the NGP users are playing and comment about them. The player will be able to buy that game from the PS Store at that same moment, thanks to the 3G Network. Sony also revealed some of the future games for the NGP. You will be able to get household favorites such as Killzone, Little Big Planet, Wipeout, and Uncharted.

A demo for Uncharted Portable was demonstrated by Shuhei Yoshida. Yoshida was able to control Drake through the touch pad and the NGP’s integrated Sixaxis. The gameplay showed our intrepid hero exploring a jungle that equaled the PS3’s graphics power. Needless to say, everyone was amazingly impressed.

The NGP is slated to be released this Holiday season. Expect a full coverage of Sony’s Press Conference throughout the day.

What’s that? You want more you say? Well, I feel kinda generous, so here’s some footage of the announcement of the NGP. You can now drool and babble on the Internet about it all you want.


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  1. Im excited because it has a bigger screen and video power.. but the style and everything else is a let down.. was more excited when the Go came out. Not sure what the rear touch pads are going to do, maybe something so cool that ill have to buy one.

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