PSP Go is Oficially Dead. GOOD RIDDANCE!

Remember how Sony said that they were taking the digital distribution market by surprise and later gave us an overpriced mediocre service with this machine? Well, it saddens me (not!) to say that Sony has confirmed rumors and announced that the PSP Go is in production no more.

In the version of Japan, both color iterations of the PSP Go have oficially been given a “shipment ended” notice. I’m actually glad that this piece of crap was given the axe. The idea does sound good when you put it on paper and we have seen it wonderfully executed by Apple and their products. But, come on, at 250 dollars, it’s a way too pricey piece of machine from what’s offering. And the fact that Sony later decided not to give consumers the option of importing UMD games to digital was the system’s death sentence. That would have been a wonderful move and, honestly, kind of worth the price.

On the other hand, Sony never got the grasp of digital distribution; never offering sales and good deals, and having more overpriced games. I remember I once saw Persona 3 Portable on sale as a UMD in Amazon for 20 dollars, while in the PSN they were selling it for a mere 40 dollars. Can you believe that?

The PSP go was released in North America on October 1st, 2009. And not a single f*ck was given that day. Now now, I know i’m talking a lot of trash about the PSP Go. In all seriousness, all the people who bought the two-year-life-span system seem to have enjoyed it.

…all four of them, HEY-OOOOOOH!!!

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