PSN down: Not due to hackers

PSN down: Not due to hackers

The Playstation network has been down know for i think about a day now and Sony have stated that it may take another day or 2 to get it back online. So i was looking around to find the time it would be back online, because lets face it this is a joke considering Sony are saying its for “maintenance”.

So on IGN it says that the hackers Anonymous, who threatened Sony after the GeoHotz case,  are not to blame for this and that Sony are just using them as something like a scapegoat as they may have a massive hardware or software fail with their servers. Hopefully the PSN will be back online soon because i can Imagen that gamers are losing their minds, i know i am.

When i found out more info on the times and reasons i will post them until them try and survive without online, even if it is hard.

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