Upcoming DSiWare Four Swords Will Be A Port of the GBA Version

I remember when I got A Link to the Past on my Game Boy Advance and played the included multiplayer Zelda experience. It was everything I dreamed a four player Zelda would be and more. So when Nintendo announced at E3 this year that they were porting a “Four Swords” game to the DSi Ware for the low price of, oh, I don’t know, free, I was instantly excited and changed to my happy pants. If you were lucky enough to have three friends with GBAs and their own copies of ALTTP/Four Swords, you know what I mean.

However, Nintendo never specified if the DSi Ware game would be a direct port of the GBA Version bundled with A Link to the Past, or the enhanced GameCube version Four Swords Adventures. The doubt can now be put to rest as, earlier today; Nintendo confirmed to Joystiq that the game is indeed the multiplayer game bundled in the GBA cartridge of Four Swords, while adding more as to saying that it is “separate from the GameCube version.”

Being a game that needs more than one person to play, it is a great move that Nintendo made this a free title. And with the wireless capabilities of the DSi/XL and 3DS, setting up the game will be a breeze. I remember back in my days when we were required to plug a Link Cable on a Link Cable so that we’d have an overly complicated infrastructure of multiplayer fun. Now, I only ask of Nintendo one more thing: please implement online play?

The DSi port was announced at E3, during the Zelda Anniversary segment at the Nintendo Press Conference, and will be available sometime in September for free via the DSi Shop.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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