Nintendo eShop is Delayed, Details Surface

The Nintendo 3DS really is a wonderful piece of technology! But no matter how good a system may be, if you don’t have a strong lineup of titles, the system has little to no use. It’s like having a printer without any paper; a situation which is pretty normal here in college. Luckily, by the end of May, 3DS users will be getting some online sweetness in their 3D hardware thanks to the Nintendo eShop and the Internet Browser! Wow, the idea of your Nintendo 3DS doing, oh I don’t know, more stuff sounds pretty neat right? Unfortunately, users won’t be getting access to the online features before the end of May as promised by Nintendo.

The Japanese magnate of video games announced today through a brief notice in the Nintendo of Japan website that they would be delaying the launch from late May to June 7th in the afternoon. This date is exclusive to Japan, as North America will get its eShop a day early; June 6th in the afternoon, Pacific Time.

This comes as a coincidence as earlier today Japanese magazine Famitsu gave some details regarding what gamers will be getting on day one of the eShop. Through a firmware update of the 3DS, consumers will get access to the Nintendo eShop, the option to transfer DSiWare content from your DSi to your 3DS, and launch titles such as Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version, 3D Classics such as Excitebike and The Legend of Zelda, and finally assorted GameBoy, Game Gear, GameBoy Color, and PC Engine Virtual Console games. Famitsu also detailed Demos for a 3D Video Player and a 3D Game Preview Viewer. The Web Browser does not appear on Famitsu’s list but, fortunately, it was later confirmed by Nintendo of America on their website.

So, in the end (and thankfully) it’s only a seven-to-fourteen day delay. In the opinion of this humble writer, it seems like they are trying to make a smart move here by pushing the eShop launch date a couple of days further. Keep in mind that Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference will take place the morning of June 7th. That’s one day after the North American launch of the eShop, and the same day as the Japanese launch. This may come out as a way in which Nintendo can make sure that their consumers will get to know even more about the Nintendo eShop, which comes as a bright idea in the end.

And let’s face it, Nintendo’s full of bright ideas! Like releasing a new handheld console without its network infrastructure working, am I right?

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