Was The Kinect Presentation Pre-Recorded? [Video]

Was The Kinect Presentation Pre-Recorded? [Video]

What a day it’s been so far. The “Natal” conference is officially over. But the speculation has only just begun.

During Microsoft’s Natal conference we saw a group of people getting up on stage and showing off a few games that will beĀ available on Kinect on launch day. Half-way into the presentation we saw two kids playing a sort of raft game where the players must control a raft as its heading down a waterfall. After a while a man runs in the middle and the kids leave the stage. The game then changes to an un-announced Star Wars game where the man was playing as a Jedi.

During the Star Wars game there was an obvious delay of the player as the in-game character was moving.


Personally I’m thinking that maybe the Lightsaber coming out was an automatic movement that doesn’t require the player to move, but still, that doesn’t explain why the actor had to pretend he was taking it out and the obvious delays that can be seem throughout the video.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com