Strategy Guide Series – Darksiders: Wrath of War; Part 1


As you commence playing the game, you are pitted in a city filled with chaos, and misery. Everywhere you look there is either someone getting killed, or a stirring fight against the two opposing realms, makes for good entertainment as you learn the basics. Further, make sure you follow the yellow dot on the map to keep the story going, unless, you have other plans.

Kill, Kill, Flashy!

First and foremost, you will learn the art of button mashing, yes you will have to press various buttons and look flashy while killing foes. In turn, once your foe is stunned, you can finish him off whence indicated by the Action/Interact button above your enemy’s head. For future references,  your system’s action/interact button consists of: O circle for PS3 users, and B for Xbox360 users.

Environmental Weapons

Furthermore, you will come across various objects in your environment, pretty much anything you think is possible to use as a weapon, is useable.  Most notably, the cars around you make for good projectiles, no, I’m not kidding, War is capable of hurling cars up to a block away, but that’s beside the point. Your enemies will be feeling the pain as you launch these heavy weights at them, first picking them up using the Interact button (O for PS3 users, and B for Xbox360 users), then aim with the Focus button (for PS3 users L2, and for Xbox360 users LT), then you can launch the items using the Gears button (R2 for PS3 users, and RT for Xbox360 users).

Chaos Form

Also, you get a sneak peak at War’s ultimate form: Chaos Form by pressing L1 + R2 for PS3 users, and LB + RT for Xbox 360 users . Though, you can only access the form once your chaos gauge is full, so keep on slashing.

Demonic Growth

When you get to a certain point in the game, you will notice a yellow fungi on some buildings, luckily for you, this isn’t contagious, and you can use it to climb and enter buildings. As well as, you can use your sword to defeat enemies lingering on the fungus, but if you aren’t feeling like destroying everything in your path, that’s understandable, and that is why THQ implemented the Dash (L1 + Left Stick for PS3 users, and LB + L for Xbox360 users), you will propel yourself through just about any obstacle, whether it be goo or water.

Boot Campish Rope

Soon after experiencing scaling buildings for the first time, you will notice an electric wire hanging above War, press the Jump button (X for PS3 users, A for Xbox360 users) to grab hold of it, and your left stick to move forward, you can always Dash through it as well.

Boss Troubles: Straga’s Meet n’ Greet

After learning some of the basics, you will be pitted against a boss very early in the game, his name: Straga. You’re gonna wanna remember that name, and put it atop of the list of your hit-list, or on your dartboard.

There’s really no way to defend against him, it’s all about dodging, when he smacks his arm down onto the street, you better dash. When he tilts the street, you better jump around in the air so you don’t suffer the effects of the tremor.

Hence, the battle with Straga is pretty straightforward, he will be tossing cars at you, and when he does, you will need to pick them up swiftly and launch them at his head. Afterwards, when he is feeling dizzy, he will lay his head near street level, now’s your chance, show him what you’ve got (hack and slash), repeat 3 times until the action button shows above his head, and you can “finish” him off.

ONE, of the meanies!

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