“Project Natal” Gets Named “Kinect”

“Project Natal” Gets Named “Kinect”

During Microsoft’s “Natal” conference this evening new details were released about the upcoming motion-controlled device for the Xbox 360.

Included in the details was the name of the device, which was rumoured to be “Kinect”, and guess what? Microsoft revealed that the device will indeed be named “Kinect”.

Also detailed were the first batch of games for Kinect:

A Yoga/Tai Chi Game (official name to be announced)
A Soccer Game (official name to be announced)
A racing game where players can steer using their hands.
Kinect Sports
Boxing, bowling, beach volleyball, track and field, soccer and table tennis.
Play with 20 different kitties like a lion, cheetah and tiger.
Kinect Adventures
River rafting with multiple players that move their bodies in the raft.
Dance Central
A So You Think You Can Dance game made by MTV games.

Furthermore, the launch date was also announced for Kinect, November 2010.

However, no pricing details were included but as always, Gamer Syndrome will be following this developing story and bring you all the updates as they unfold.

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