Major Nelson- “No Final Kinect Pricing” Yet

Major Nelson, Xbox Live’s Director of Programming, has today posted a Tweet on Twitter stating that no final price for Kinect has been clarified.

“BTW, we’ve not announced final#Kinect Pricing yet. I’ll be sure to confirm a price when we do!”

This Tweet comes as more and more people are starting to believe the the rumour that Kinect will be $149, following the insane amount of game retailers giving a pre-order price of $149.

This is most certainly strange if you remember recently when Don Mattrick stated that he knew the price of Kinect.

So, could Kinect of been priced at $149 originally and now Microsoft are changing their minds? Only time will tell but Gamer Syndrome will be sure to follow this story with a third eye so stay tuned.

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  1. Have you noticed that SSVG’s comments rarely make much sense? Have you wondered that maybe the content of his posts are not the reason for them? Oh look, theres a link when you click on his name.

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