Nintendo Say Wii 2 “Not Just a a HD Upgrade”

Nintendo Say Wii 2 “Not Just a a HD Upgrade”

The Nintendo America boss, Reggie Fils-Aime, has said that their next console will be more than just an upgrade to HD, offering a range of new capabilities.

“Over 26 million consumers have bought a Wii, so the consumer is saying that, for them, the quality of the visual is not nearly as important as the overall entertainment – the overall value of that experience and that’s really what’s propelled us,” Fils-Aime said to CNBC.

“In terms of what the future holds, we’ve gone on record to say that the next step for Nintendo in home console will not be to simply make it HD, but to add more and more capability,” he added.

“We’ll do that when we totally tapped out all of the experiences for the existing Wii and we are nowhere near doing that yet, so lots of ongoing opportunity for the consumer in the current generation.”

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