20% off 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa on Amazon

20% off 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa on Amazon

All you soccer fans are probably indulging yourself in some real life soccer on your TV, or in South Africa (or maybe in 3D?), because the world cup is here once again. And it’s only fitting that a sale should be held to promote the event’s EA-developed game “2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa”. And that sale is on right now at Amazon. The 20% off sale is only for Xbox and Wii, so hurry because copies are going fast.

Make educated bets on teams against your friends based on a CPU- run game! Or violently assault other players as a certain Frenchman with the initials Z.Z. (I smell a red card). Or drown your sorrows in a virtual match because you couldn’t get tickets to the real thing (I feel your pain).

Gamersyndrome will, as always, will keep you up to date on this sale, as well as future sales being held on the inter webs.

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