MDK 2 Remake Announced

Beamdog has announced a remake of MDK 2, BioWare’s hit third person shooter, is in the works. The game will be released on WiiWare this winter, and there is also a high-definition PC version planned that has no release date yet.

“MDK 2 was a great title to work on and we’re happy to have some of the original team working on these new versions,” says Beamdog co-founder Trent Oster. The original MDK 2 was released March 31, 2000 on Dreamcast and was very well received for its humorous characters and dynamic gameplay.

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  1. Ahh, so that’s how Bioware ended up with the MDK intellectual property. I remembered it was originally developed by Shiny, but read off its wiki that it was under Interplay, which makes sense now that they were selling off all of their licences that were collecting dust to get themselves out of their debts. I wonder what David Perry is up to now.

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