Play as a Luma in Super Mario Galaxy 2!

New info has surfaced on Nintendo’s Japanese site about Super Mario Galaxy 2.  NeoGaf translates the story there and we find out that Mario is once again invited to watch the stardust fall with the Princess.  Only this time he finds a friend along the way.  What’s different about this friend you ask?  Luigi maybe?  No, this friend is a Luma, but this time you have the opportunity to play as the Luma in co-op mode.  We’re not sure exactly what players will be able to do as the Luma, but we hope they give us more options this time around.  Our guess is that the Luma will be part of your experience regardless of a second player or not, making the Luma an integral part of the gameplay.  We’re pretty sure we guessed right.

You can rest assured that as we get more information, so will you.

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