Game You Should Have Played: Little King’s Story

Below is this week’s installment of “Game You Should Have Played”. This week it is all about Little King’s Story. This is likely my favorite single player experience for the Wii. It was actually my personal game of the year for 2009! I really could have gone on for hours about how much I loved this game…but that would make for a fairly boring review. I’m going to go play it some more right now! The best thing about this game is… you can actually still find this game fairly easily! You lucky dogs you!


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  1. I’m renting this game right now. It’s okay…but to me it feels like it wants to be Pikmin, but just isn’t as good.

    The difficultly of getting the people you want, even with the king’s platform, is also really annoying.

  2. Daniel.Robert.Campbell · Edit

    On Little King’s Story? It may be a while, but I can work on one at some point. Got a rather large guide I’m going to be working on next week (You can guess for what) but after that…yeah. I can write up a guide for LKS.

  3. Daniel.Robert.Campbell · Edit

    But in the end, “To each his own.” You would be the first person I’ve talked to that did not love the game…but that is perfectly alright. Of course I’ve always loved both Pikmin and Harvest Moon. And this game feels like the love child of those two games. 🙂

  4. Daniel.Robert.Campbell · Edit

    I guess Fuchs could do a guide if he feels up to it. I mean, he is already playing it and all. 🙂

    It does start off a little slow I guess. But I would not say I did not like it from the start.

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