New Developer Diary for “Ring ’em Up” Calling

Hudson Entertainment have released a new Developer Diary entry that focuses on the element of “sadness” found in forthcoming “Ring ’em Up” horror Calling.

The term “Ring ’em Up”, at least in this case, has more meanings than one.

The first meaning is that, at early glance, Calling could be described as an amalgamation of past survival horror games.

You see the world in first person as in some of Silent Hill 4. You play as a different character per chapter much like the structure found in the Forbidden Siren (or Siren Blood Curse) series. The worldly combination of pop-up and in-your-face scares may remind some of the camera battles found in the Project Zero and Fatal Frame games. The ‘flight over fight’ strategy has been well trodden in the Clock Tower series. Even the aforementioned “sadness” is comparable to the guilty head trip that was Silent Hill 2.

All of this is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s simply a run of the mill thing which could turn out good or bad depending on how you perceive the previously released games and on how good (or bad) Calling actually is.

Thank goodness then it’s being released on the Wii, and so far, the Wii only. This is also where the second “Ring ’em Up” comes in. Get this: you can use the Wii Remote as a phone. When I say “use” the Wii Remote as a phone, I mean hold it to the side of your head and listen to creepy phone calls. Now that’s new. That is, as the new video mentions, a “new dimension” in the horror gaming genre. And even if you don’t use it as a phone, imagine the Wii Remote talking to you. Creepy.

Now, what are the odds of a “seven days” reference? Also, do one of the characters have Harry Mason’s phone number? I hear his contract’s had a good re-imagining just lately…

The new Developer Diary is available at GameTrailers, right here.

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