Xenoblade, The Last Story North American Releases Unclear

Just last month, we reported that two new RPGs would be making their way to the Wii.  Those RPGs were The Last Story and Xenoblade (formerly Monado: The Beginning of the World).  At the Nintendo Media Summit, just moments after hinting at the 2010 release of The Legend of Zelda for the Wii, Cammie Dunaway dropped yet another announcement.

“It’s too early to say whether we’re going to bring [The Last Story and Xenoblade] here.”  At E3 2009 Nintendo had announced Xenoblade for the Wii in North America, so Dunaway’s remark of that game not making its way to North American soil may very well be flawed.  At this point in time, Nintendo reps have yet to correct Dunaway, so it’s hard to say whether that game will indeed be released outside of Japan or not.

Japanese Xenoblade Gameplay

In regards to The Last Story, no mention of the game ever making it to North America was ever uttered, so it is very likely that that title will not be released outside of Japan.  It’s kind of a shame too, because Nintendo and developer Mistwalker dubbed it a “new form of RPG.”  So suffice it to say it would have been interesting to see what the game brought to the table.

Again, Dunaway didn’t say that the games wouldn’t make their way outside of Japan; she simply stated that it was too early to tell.  Although stating that Xenoblade, a title previously confirmed for North America by Nintendo, might not come to the States after all is a bit strange.  Perhaps Cam just made an error?  Here’s hoping!

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