Why Bethesda Games Don’t Have Ladders

Why Bethesda Games Don’t Have Ladders

Many of you many not of noticed this, I myself only realized today, but it’s a fact that none of the Fallout or Elder Scrolls games contain any ladders in the means of actually using them to get to a higher point on the map.

Bethesda’s Game Director, Todd Howard admitted at a panel during this year’s Quakecon today that one of the game play features that continues to be cut from the games they make is the inclusion of ladders that players can actually climb.

“Play our game; find a ladder that you can use. We don’t have them,” he said.

Howard then went on to explain one of the primary reasons for the absence of ladders, stating that it creates problems for character AI.

“One day, we tried to figure out why we wanted ladders so bad because we don’t really need them. It just felt like we’re game development pussies because we can’t do ladders.”

Please Note: Todd Howard was referring to ladders that players see themselves climbing, and not the ladders that initiates a loading screen.

Source [IGN]

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