NIS America Releases Viral Survive for WiiWare

NIS America has announced that they will be releasing their first WiiWare title: Viral Survive. The game is an “escape” action game where players control a DNA unit and dodge enemy virus attacks. When players save a friendly unit, the unit will connect to them, creating a tail (similar to Snake.) The more units that players save, the more points they will receive.

The game sports five game modes which include:

  • Normal Mode
  • Progressive Mode – In this mode players will rotate the direction of the moving DNA, and all DNA will only move in a straight line.
  • Horde Mode – In this mode players will run from enemy viruses. Friendly DNA units will not appear. Players will increase their score by using vaccine bombs.
  • Zoom 128 Mode – In this mode players will try to save 128 friendly DNA units in the shortest amount of time possible. The camera will zoom in on the main unit, making it harder for the player to navigate.
  • Shooter Mode – In this mode players are able to shoot enemy viruses. Viruses will spawn indefinitely, so the more players shoot, the higher the score they shall receive.

The game will also include a World Ranking system within itself that will allow players to compare their scores with others. The game will be released in Spring of 2010.

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