Ever wanted to try your hand at creating levels for New Super Mario Brothers Wii? Yes? Then you are in luck! Well…that is assuming that you are willing to void your Wii’s warranty to do so.

A while back there was a very talented group of Nintendo fans that created a system known as Riivolution. It allowed for various modded processes to be ran on the Wii hardware. Many of them were rather cool and worth your while, but now they went ahead and upped the ante by releasing a program that allows users to create and play their own NSMB-Wii levels! It’s called Reggie!

The program works for Windows, Mac AND Linux! So no matter what your OS choice, this will work for you. You will need a legit copy of the game though. None of those nasty pirated copies will run correctly with the modded levels. Strange, usually it is the other way around.

There is a LOT more to the system, but I’ll let you play around with it and see what you can find out. Enjoy!

Check it out HERE and HERE!

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