Two More Reasons Proving the Zombie Genre Isn’t Dead. Yet.

I love me some zombies.  I love the way they moan and the way they fall to the ground with a satisfying thud after a well-placed shot to the frontal lobe.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  So when I hear people talking about how the undead genre is destined to fall, and fall quickly, I get a little irked.  Less bring-a-shotgun-to-work irked and more scream-silently-into-a-pillow irked.  Well naysayers, have I got news for you!  Two actually, because I came prepared (pillow and all)!  Here is not one but two trailers for some upcoming zombie games, the first is Age of Zombies, and looks remarkably similar to my personal undead arcade shooter Burn Zombie Burn.  The second is for Yet Another Zombie Defense, and it looks about as inspired as its name implies.  Are these games going to be any good, you ask?  To which I reply, probably not (the second in particular looks especially bad).  But that doesn’t mean they won’t keep the zombie genre going until Dead Rising 2, Dead Island, and Resident Evil 5’s new DLC become available to really satiate our appetites for BRAAAAIIINNNSSS.

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