Demon’s Souls Strategy Guide: The Bosses of the Boletarian Palace

Demon’s Souls is the type of game that mercilessly tears you to shreds your first playthrough than kicks you while you’re down.  It’s also beautiful, original, and incredibly innovative, so in my experience people either love it or they hate it.  At first I was a member of the former group, but after investing a over fifty hours spread across three character classes, I’ve obviously become quite fond of the game.  The best way to describe playing Demon’s Souls is to compare it to being in a relationship with the person of your dreams, however; said person of your dreams is abusive, and tends to kick your unsuspecting ass from time to time before giving you a kiss and helping you back up.

So I’m here, dear reader, to help you get through this relationship and the abuse it brings with it so you can better enjoy this amazing game.  Demon’s Souls’ world is extraordinarily deep, so that means you’ll probably miss a lot of what the game has to offer your first time around.  The following series of strategy guides, much like my previous five that covered each individual world, will focus on a specific feature or area in the game.  Warning, there will be spoilers.  Before we begin I should probably throw out a quick warning to newcomers to the land of Boletaria: this game’s unforgiving nature might sometime make you feel the urge to violently toss your controller at a nearby wall, but I promise this guide will reduce the number of broken controllers to a minimum.  Also, the following isn’t necessarily a walkthrough, more a collection of words of wisdom, tips, and facts that could quite possibly save you from tossing your PS3 out a window.

Part One: The Bosses of the Boletarian Palace

Phalanx: Since this is the first area you explore the bosses aren’t too difficult.  The first boss is easy enough; by the time you reach it you should’ve collected a handful of Turpentine (it’s weak against fire, strong against magic).  Use these.  Phalanx is basically a pile of those ooze creatures with the shielded heads, where at the center lies a giant mass with no offensive capabilities.  So how many fire aided swipes does it take to get to the center of a oozy dog pile?  About two.  If you have some firebombs you should definitely throw them at the pile of death slowly creeping towards you and once you’re out apply some turpentine to your weapon and go crazy.  Once you kill enough of the ooze creatures you’ll see the glowing bulbous thing, which is what you need to kill.

Tower Knight: Once you make it past the pathways guarded by a fire breathing dragon and other assorted surprises, you’ll probably feel like a total badass.  If Demon’s Souls excels at one thing, it’s taking you down a notch.  The Tower Knight is here to do just that.  He’s basically a colossal doom machine that would make Godzilla shit himself (or at least King Kong).  When entering the arena your first objective should be to take out the archers, so just run past him and up the stairs and you’ll be able to quickly dispose of them.  Once that’s done you have two choices: take him out up close or from afar.  I tend to take the raged approach since all it requires is a bow and roughly 60 well placed arrows.  If you can’t swing that you’ll need to fight him up close, so you’ll either need to be wicked fast or able to take a powerful hit (preferably both).  Your goal is to focus on his ankles, so just keep dodging his attacks, circling around him and attacking him until he falls.  After that just wail on his head until he keels over.  There, job done.  You’ve officially reclaimed your title of total badass.

Penetrator: No, you will not be fighting some well endowed porn star, despite the funny name.  This guy isn’t as scary as the last and can actually be dispatched fairly easily if you’ve rescued Biorr because he’ll make this fight much easier, since he’ll will keep his attention allowing you to unleash all types of pain unless he dies (and he shouldn’t unless you’re in new game +).  If you don’t have Biorr’s aid you should know his attacks penetrate, meaning you’ll always take damage from a hit wether or not you’re blocking.  The best strategy is to use ranged attacks on him until he gets up close where you just need to dodge his slow attacks.  If you’re inclined to take the up close and personal approach attack quickly and when he shows signs of attacking roll away.  You shouldn’t have too much trouble as long as you can attack and dodge fast.

False King: Want to take this guy down fast?  Equip a thief’s ring and enter the fog.  DO NOT MOVE.  Equip your bow and aim at his head.  If you don’t see his life bar at the bottom of your screen he won’t attack you so just snipe him until he falls.  Easy win.  But if you don’t like to be cheap and prefer a more honorable fight (you sissy) you can still use ranged attacks.  Just keep your distance, firing arrows at him and when he gets close and charges an attack back up.  Just remember to never get too close to him because he will use his Soulsucker attack that takes away a Soul Level from your character.  So if there’s any chance you can use a ranged strategy I suggest you do over short ranged combat.  If you absolutely MUST use melee weapons use the same strategy as you did with the last boss, and when he’s slowly walking or charging an attack that’s your chance to heal.

So that’s all you need to know when fighting the bosses of the Boletarian Palace.  Next I’ll cover the bosses waiting for you in the Stonefang Tunnels, followed by the three other areas.  If you’re having a certain problem with the game I might’ve covered it in my previous series, but if not just drop me a line at iicedesigner at yahoo dot com and I’ll cover it in a strategy guide.

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