Take-Two…Now In Japanese!

You may know Take-Two as the publishers for games like Bioshock, the Grand Theft Auto series, and the 2k series.  Take-Two has announced that it will be opening up a new office in the Tokyo area of Japan in the near future.  In a place where video games were practically born but now seem to be dying off, hopefully Take-Two’s presence will be a breath of fresh air for the digital Mecca.

Take-Two plans to localize many of its games for the Japanese audience; first on its list, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes for Liberty City.  While Take-Two won’t single-handedly take care of the situation in Japan, we hope that it will make things a little better for video games.

Sound like a good move?  Or is Japan already on an irreversible downfall?

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. GTAs popularity in Nippon is “Cult” at best, even though we can all testify that they’re great games. Still, I can see this being a good move on Take-Two’s part, Japan has a huge fanbase for games of any kind.

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