Preorder Super Scribblenauts, Stay Warm

Do you remember last year’s GameStop preorder bonus for Scribblenauts?  I certainly do!  And it’s kept me nice and warm on many a chilly day.  That rooster hat was not only cool-looking, but it was useful, so had double the awesomeness!  Well, now we must turn our attention to Super Scribblenauts.  Who would have thought that this sequel’s preorder gift would actually be just as awesome (if not more so) than the last game’s?

Gamers who head on over to GameStop to preorder Super Scribblenauts will receive some soft, warm earmuff headphones.  These bad boys have been specifically designed to keep your ears warm during the cold October days when you’ll be playing Super Scribblenauts.  So head on over to your nearest GameStop and preorder Super Scribblenauts if you want the sequel to last year’s awesome game (which got a pretty good review score from yours truly) as well as some snazzy earmuffs.  Oh, did I mentione they come in grey, polka dot, and camoflauge?

Super Scribblenauts is set for release on the Nintendo DS this October 12.

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