Strategy Guide Series – Darksiders: Wrath of War; Part 2

After being lashed out at by the Charred Council, being chained to a reaper, and clued in about a corrupt demon called Vulgrim, look at your surrounding environment, you will notice a blue fire, what you will need to do is head to its left in order to gain some extra souls as currency, of which you can use to purchase armaments and items. That said,  you will be transported back to earth, where the real fun begins.


Upon your return, you will need to climb up the yellow fungus to basement2, then go up the ramp to basement3. You will noticed line indexations on the northwest wall, jump onto it, and you will scale your way across it, Prince of Persia style. Once you reach the other side, some zombies called Wickeds will greet you with a heartwarming welcome. Just slice them up, and practice your combo moves, they are pretty much easy foes. You will notice a gap in your way, use the pipe to cross, then as you near the elevator doors, press your ACTIVATE button to open them. You will be reunited with some yellow fungus, use it to climb atop the first floor.

As you wonder around the floor, you will be introduced to a Fleshburster; strong, obese, and explodes when you defeat it, the repercussions of the blast are harmful both to you and your enemies, use it to your advantage if you can. If needed, you can locate a treasure chest along the northeast wall for some health recovery.

Once you move along, and climb up the stairs, you will find a pedestal that you will need to push by pressing the ACTIVATE button until it falls into the gap.  Hence, after it falls into place, you will need to jump on it to gain access to the loft, you will be met by zombies, take them out, and use the fungus to climb up to the second floor.

Mini Boss: Gholen

Upon reaching the second floor, the exit will be blocked by a magic seal, which usually means you are going to have to battle a mini boss, this time around it is a Gholen. To trounce the beast, you will need to take advantage of the environmental objects surrounding you, and throw them at the creature. If however you do run out of items to launch, you will need to play it defensively, and get in close get a few cautious slashes on the Gholen, then quickly dash away, repeat as many times need to vanquish your foe. Once you are victorious, head through the now seal-free path, and go up the stairs to locate a second health chest to douse your ailments, continue your path until you exit the building.

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