Strategy Guide Series – Darksiders: Wrath of War; Part 6

A New Area – Uncovered

After the golem heads for the greener pastures, but more importantly, moves out of your way, he will reveal a tunnel. Succeeding, and briefly following the path of the tunnel, you will take a little tumble, that said, you will need to keep your eyes peeled for a chest placed in a dead end. The tunnel will lead you northeast, when you run into gaps, use the geysers as means to cross them. Before you get the chance to exit the tunnel, a gang of phantom guard soldiers will deliver an ambuscade, well ,not anymore. Decimate the soldiers, and proceed into doorway leading you to the broken stair.

Arrrr, More Treasure!

Once you arrive at the Broken Stair, look for a soldier artefact located in the area near the entrance. You will need to go up a ramp and jump into a gorge to your left, and you will retrieve the object of value. Further, return to the upper level street area and be on the lookout for a stairwell leading you into another depression, it is situated in the southeast area of your layout. After descending into the depths, look for another treasure chest containing 100 souls. For another pleasant surprise, look for a path entailed with water, don’t be afraid to hop in, you will find another treasure chest that lies at its end, containing a lifestone shard. If that were not enough, if you follow the tunnels in the depression, you will find that there is a Vulgrim market established in the western part.

No More Traffic

Subsequently, once you have pillaged every last piece of treasure mentioned above, as well as restocked on your supplies, you will need to head back to the surface with the help of the stairs you discovered earlier, and head to the southeast sector of the map where you will enter a building. Pursuing this further, on the second level of the building, you will find a treasure chest containing 250 in the corner of the room; you will be met with enemies however. Search for an open window and use the magic geysers to glide upon the once complete highway, pursue your path towards the northeast and look for a treasure chest containing yet another lifestone shard, thus you will have another complete lifestone, if you’ve been following this strategy series.

Funniest Random Encounter Ever

You thought you were out of the gloomy area, think again! As you intend to continue your path by jumping on the magic geyser on at the end of the highway, you will be ambushed by a grand monster called: Trauma. Stick to the basics here, the monster will stay on the initial side of the highway for a couple of moments, launching cars at you which you can stop and grab by pressing the Action button. The cars will make for good projectiles when he gets in proximity. If you failed to stop any of the cars, fear not, just go crazy and button mash like there is no tomorrow. Granted, the preceding method is not the cleanest kill, and it might frustrate you a couple of times, but it gets the job done if you’re not the most  keen on timing your catches, don’t sweat it, I can’t play baseball either.

Get Rich While Searching For A Key

Ensuing, the mini boss battle, you will need to jump onto the next plateau, look for a treasure chest that contains 250 souls. Furthermore, jump onto the magic geyser near the end of the highway, and follow the path into a building; you will come across a blue eyeballed door which requires you to have the ‘’Beholder’s key’’ to continue your path. To resolve the ulterior, head down the staircase located in the east of the room, and you will find another chest containing 250 souls, continue your path down the stairs to the bottom floor, looks around the floor to find a chest containing the much sought after key. Do a bit of backtracking to the first floor, stab the eyeball with the key, you will have the benefit of watching another cutscene

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