Strategy Guide Series – Darksiders: Wrath of War; Part 5

Strategy Guide Series – Darksiders: Wrath of War; Part 5

Help The Stoned

After you have stirred the Golem, he will tell you the heart-sob story of how he is unable to help you at this moment since he was cursed earlier on. Luckily for you, he will ask for your assistance to break the power binding him down. Hence, he will bestow temporary powers upon you, which will in turn let you see the portals of the Dark Realm (the place where you’re going to do the dirty work for Golem #2). The portals will be displayed on your map as yellow circles, there’s no real order in which to visit them, so I’ll just go over how to conquer each of their challenges.

The Aeriel Brawl Portal: You’ll need to defeat 5 enemies within the time-limit, yes any enemy, though on one condition; they must meet their end while they’re airborne (just hold the Sword Attack to propel them in the air and dice ’em up). Moreover, focus on the weakling and ignore the bulky ones, I know it may be tempting to slice them up, but just resist that urge. Once you’re done, go open the chests on the sides to recover some health points, wrath, and go towards the light while you’ve finished the pillaging.

The Venomous Portal: This challenge is a bit trickier than the rest, your health will go down regardless of what you do, but it will take less of a reduction if you stay out of the green poisonous gas plaguing the room. Did I mention you had to kill 50 enemies while doing this? Well, you do. As always focus on the easy kills, remember to pick up the health and souls awaiting your obtention.

The Speed Brawl Portal: You will need to defeat 40 enemies within the time-limit, stick to basics, remember to go for the easy enemies,  stay away from the faties, just cut up as many as you can and ignore the flow of time.

The Gory End Portal: You’ll also need to defeat 30 enemies within the time limit here, remember to stick with initiating the simple ones, and if you see any flying bats jump and press attack, they make for easy kills. The preceding procedures are easier said than done, remember to be  patient while duking it out, and be sure to pick up the health and wrath waiting for you before exiting.

Your Reward: After completing all the Dark Realm portal challenges, you will receive the Block & Counter combat move from the hovering specter above you, it comes in handy when you are fighting competent enemies. If that were not enough, you’ll need to return and visit your buddy Golem #2, be sure to blow the Earthcaller. The Golem will award you with the “Ravager Enhancement”, basically what this add-on does is increase War’s damage power when he is using objects from the surrounding environment, for instance; desks, chairs, and cars. Equip it in the menu before you proceed in your journey beyond the gate. Further, you’ll also receive more souls from the objects you destroy, due to the ulterior nifty doohickey activation.

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