Strategy Guide Series – Darksiders: Wrath of War; Part 3

Chest Hunt

After exiting the library you will hit The Scalding Gallow district, before running dead ahead, it would be wise to check out the building to your left, if you go up its stairs to the second floor, a chest will be waiting for your indulgement, containing approximately 250 souls. Further, if you head northwest to a another destroyed building, you will find another chest containing another 250 souls, to make sure you don’t get lost, it will be in proximity to another Vulgrim shop location. If that were not enough, a third chest lies above Vulgrim’s head, it will contain a Wrath Shard.

After discovering the locations of the previous chests, you should now be ready to head to the center platform of the Scalding Gallows.

The Phantom General

You’re gonna meet a pretty odd character on your way to find help in the means to destroy the demons. Though he may look tough and impenetrable with all his metal armor, the Phantom General is an easy foe to vanquish. The latter said, you will need to dodge his attacks, he will be spinning around in aimlessly with his axe trying to hit you, what you need to do is run away from the disgruntled “warrior” as best as you can, using the DASH button to swiftly avoid any landing hits. After about a minute of  unleashing his “tornado” plethora of slashes, the Phantom General will have exhausted his energy for the moment, and stop to rest. You’ll notice the ulterior as he will be gasping for air, now’s your chance, wack him until he gets back up to challenge you once more. However, the fight is not over, the Phantom General will summon many of his minions to distract you, finish them off quickly, this way you can earn some wrath meter energy to unleash a special attack on the general (optional, since he is easy). In the end, you will probably need to repeat this sequence 4 to 5 times depending on how much damage you land on the general.


After defeating the lowly Phantom General, your death sentence/guide will pinpoint you to a gargoyle statue which you will need to push into place, after the initial resolution of the first, you will need to find the remaining gargoyle statues emitting a faint shine, repeat the process. Afterwards, once the blood flows to the centerpiece, a compelling cutscene with the great demon Samael will take your breath away. In turn, Samael will grant you the power to Shadowflight (slow glide) which can help you complete those long jumps you’ve been itching to do. On the other hand, you will have to time your jumps, and be sure to hold the jump button after pressing it twice to activate it.


Under these circumstances, you will need to backtrack a bit, upon leaving the central area, head to your left and test out your jumping skills, that blue magic you will notice in the middle of the gorge acts as a gust of wind to propel you in the air, don’t ask me how or why, it’s probably a magic spell, the point is, it will help you get across.

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