Demon’s Souls Strategy Guide: The Bosses of the Tower of Latria

Demon’s Souls is the type of game that mercilessly tears you to shreds your first playthrough than kicks you while you’re down.  It’s also beautiful, original, and incredibly innovative, so in my experience people either love it or they hate it.  At first I was a member of the former group, but after investing a over fifty hours spread across three character classes, I’ve obviously become quite fond of the game.  The best way to describe playing Demon’s Souls is to compare it to being in a relationship with the person of your dreams, however; said person of your dreams is abusive, and tends to kick your unsuspecting ass from time to time before giving you a kiss and helping you back up.

So I’m here, dear reader, to help you get through this relationship and the abuse it brings with it so you can better enjoy this amazing game.  Demon’s Souls’ world is extraordinarily deep, so that means you’ll probably miss a lot of what the game has to offer your first time around.  The following series of strategy guides, much like my previous five that covered each individual world, will focus on a specific feature or area in the game.  Warning, there will be spoilers.  Before we begin I should probably throw out a quick warning to newcomers to the land of Boletaria: this game’s unforgiving nature might sometime make you feel the urge to violently toss your controller at a nearby wall, but I promise this guide will reduce the number of broken controllers to a minimum.  Also, the following isn’t necessarily a walkthrough, more a collection of words of wisdom, tips, and facts that could quite possibly save you from tossing your PS3 out a window.

Part Three: The Bosses of the Tower of Latria

Fool’s Idol: Unless you plan on fighting her twice you’ll need to take out the zombie on the second floor of the church that begs you to spare him, otherwise she’ll come back to life after you slay her forcing you to start the fight over from the beginning until he’s dead.  Once he’s gone this chick is easy to take down if you have a good bow and a few arrows.  Just fire at her from afar, hide behind a pillar so she can’t hit you with her ranged spells, and repeat.  If you want to try it the ranged way she’s still extraordinarily easy to take out, just be careful for the invisible stun circles on the floor.  If you don’t kill the zombies roaming about the room they’re very useful when it comes to activating these traps so you don’t.  She also clones herself, but just focus on the right one (the zombies will be surrounding her waving their arms around in praise) and she’ll go down rather quickly.

Maneater: What at first looks like a fairly straightforward duel against a rather large gargoyle turns into one of the more frustrating battles in the game (at least for me).  You see, this guy likes to smack at you (usually twice in a row) that can send you falling to your death and when he’s not doing that he’s hovering above you shooting shockwaves (like the creatures in 3-1) that can also send you off the cliff.  It doesn’t help matters when the second Maneater comes out of nowhere in a totally unfair fight that makes it even harder to maintain your footing.  Basically, be mindful of your surroundings and stay away from the edges and when he flies high into the air get behind the brazier in the center of the arena and the fireballs won’t touch you.  When the second Maneater makes his debut continue focusing on the first because you don’t want to be fighting two at once for very long as it’ll be very difficult to get a hit in.  If you have any fire spells or flame enhanced weapons this is where they shine because he has a weakness towards that form of damage.

Old Monk: This is a different type of fight in that instead of fighting some huge ugly monster you’re instead fighting a Black Phantom that the Old Monk summons with his crazy twirling Moo Moo.  If you’re playing offline the Phantom you’ll be fighting will be equipped with Claw weapons and wearing the Gloom armor set along with the Monk’s Head Collar.  This Phantom is very aggressive so if you have a heavy weapon that can knock down opponents, like the Meat Cleaver or the Dragon Bone Smasher, just keep hitting him before he gets up and it’ll be an easy fight.  But beware, as his health dwindles he will begin summoning more and more Soul Arrows, but if you’re quick enough to dodge them they shouldn’t be a problem.  There’s a very good chance the battle will be unpredictable when you’re playing online as the Old Monk can summon any player controlled Black Phantoms that you will have to fight instead of the AI controlled one.  In this case you’re on your own.

So that’s all you need to know when fighting the bosses inside the Tower of Latria.  In case you missed it I’ve already covered the bosses of the Boletarian Palace as well as the Stonefang Tunnels, and next I’ll cover the bosses waiting to take you out in the Shrine of Stroms.  If you’re having a specific problem with the game I might’ve covered it in my previous series, but if not just drop me a line at iicedesigner at yahoo dot com and I’ll cover it in a strategy guide.

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