Sonic 4 Release Date Revealed

Last summer, Sonic the Hedgehog fans went wild with the announcement of Project Needlemouse. Those same fans were disappointed to see the game go through something of a delay. Luckily, gamers can once again rejoice, because an official date has been stamped on Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. Actually, four separate release dates have been announced for Sonic 4, one for each platform it will appear on.

iPhone and iPod Touch owners, you can currently download the game on the App Store, as Sonic 4 just launched today. Those of you who plan on getting the game for Wii will be able to do so right after the weekend comes to an end on October 11. For all of you Sonic fans who want to play the Blue Blur’s latest adventure on your PlayStation 3s, the game will be made available for you on October 12. Lastly, Xbox 360 owners will be able to download the game one day later on October 13.

Why the game is launching on the iPhone before dropping on a home console is strange to me, but I won’t let my disdain for mobile gaming rain on the parades of those who enjoy playing games on their iPhones. How will the game fare once everything is said and done? What will critics of Sonic’s recent work think of Sonic 4? And most importantly, will this title make gamers want to play Sonic 4: Episode 2?


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