Scribblenauts Draws a Million Sales

Remember that DS title that everyone was talking about at E3, it won all those Best of Show awards, then when it came out let’s just say the reception was pretty lukewarm?  Well, that game has sold over a million copies worldwide; an incredible feat for a new, unproven IP.  Its biggest selling factor, besides the cutesy art style, was the fact that you could draw really whatever you want to help you solve the puzzles in each level.  Want to see God fight the Cthulu monster?  It has that.  What about a vampire riding a skateboard.  It has that too.  The game was so good we reviewed it not once, but twice, and it also took a spot on our list of the top ten games for the Nintendo DS and DSi.

Every time an unique new IP does well that’s good news for gamers because that gives developers a reason to keep innovating.  So bravo to all of you who bought the game, because of you we can expect a sequel with possibly millions of words at our disposal.  Alright, probably not, but I can dream, can’t I?

[News via Kotaku]

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