Robox WiiWare Trailer

Robox WiiWare Trailer

It’s no surprise that WiiWare is a solid platform where indie devs can showcase their upcoming games while gaining a small profit for their hard work. Some of these games turn out great (Furry Legends) while others end up being so disappointing it’s laughable (Space Trek). A new indie company has decided to make WiiWare its stomping grounds. Developer DreamBox Games has officially launched its first foray into the gaming market in Europe, and it’s currently on its way to North America.

Robox is set to feature side-scrolling platforming and puzzle-solving. Featuring some motion controls, DreamBox has stated that the game will include a primarily old-school gameplay design. Admittedly, Robox looks pretty fun. Be sure to check back here for more details and a full review of the game. For now, check out the trailer.

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