Plants vs. Zombies on iPhone Delayed

Plants vs. Zombies on iPhone Delayed

Whenever I think about Plants vs. Zombies, I always remember the quirky little music video that was released for the game.  There was just an undeniable level of charm that accompanied that trailer, and it won me over instantly.  Having said that, many iPhone users are probably looking forward to the popular tower defense game which PopCap Games announced would make its way to Apple’s app-tastic cell phone, PDA, computer, and everything-else-in-between device.

Well, for those of you who were hoping to download the game from the App Store in the near future, I’m afraid I have some bad news.  Coincidentally, this is the same bit of bad news I’ve been bringing our loyal readers since I started here at GamerSyndrome: video game delays.  Yes, Plants vs. Zombies for the iPhone has been delayed until mid-February.

The game was originally slated to appear on the iPhone in late January, but a Twitter update by PopCap stated that the game would indeed be released at a later time.  In the update, PopCap stress that they are confident—with emphasis put on the word ‘confident’—the game will be ready by mid-February.  Here’s hoping the folks over at PopCap really are confident—with stress put on ‘really are confident’—about the game’s current release date.

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