Where be thy PSP2?

Just where on earth is the PSP2? That’s the question online news source MCV and some gamers are asking. Despite attempts to include free games, the PSPGo is pretty much considered a failure. Outside of Japan, lack of consumer interest and poor sales seem to indicate that.

And now Sony is forging ahead with the next iteration of their portable gaming device despite overwhelming support for the unit in its native soil.

“I think in handheld over all the industry is at a bit of a tipping point,” explains SCE UK Sales director Mark Howsen to MCV.

“We’re seeing a trend whereby consumers are relatively accepting of the fact that they have to buy high-price hardware but at the same time they expect to pay very little, or sometimes even nothing at all, for software. That’s a real shift in behaviour,” adds Hoswen.

Eurogamer has claims from three separate sources that the PSP2 is in development. Prototypes have been shown and there will be new software to go along with a possible launch by the end of 2011.

According to these sources, they’re comparable in size to the PSP3000 and it has touch controls. The oddity is that these new features are located on the rear of the unit. It’ll be like patting the rear of a horse, but how many people will want to do that?

And it should come to no surprise that the sales of games will be based on the success of iTunes’s pricing strategy. That means games can be purchased online than bought at the store. And from the sounds of it, Sony is firm in ditching the disc based medium in favour for more built in storage and accessible online content.

“To reinvent the whole PSP model we need to look at handheld in a very different way, in the context in which consumers are now viewing it,” explains Howsen, “Though that’s not just a challenge for us – it’s a challenge for the whole handheld sector. We are at the point of a major shift in the way that consumers are engaging with the current players in that market.”

With the Tokyo Game Show at the end of September, only time will tell if Sony is going to make any major announcements. It makes more sense to reveal their latest gaming plans in the land of the rising sun.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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