This Week’s Nintendo Downloads (9/27/10)

This Week’s Nintendo Downloads (9/27/10)

Looks like there are very few downloadable games this week on the Wii Shop Channel. And if you guessed that there aren’t any Virtual Console titles up for download, you guessed right. Here are the four digital games available for download on the Wii and DSi.


  • Astro Bugz Revenge: 1-2 Players, Published by Sudden Games, Puzzle, 700 Wii Points, Rated E

This puzzle game has you shooting bugs…in space! This looks like the typical puzzle gaming fare, which means it looks fairly addictive.

  • Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts: 1-16 Players, Published by Incredible Technologies, Umm…Sports?, 700 Wii Points, Rated E

I want this game just because of the badassery exuded in the trailer. I’ll just be quiet now and let the ad do the talking.

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  • Fizz: 1 Player, Published by DK Games, Puzzle, 200 DSi Points, Rated E

Align matching colors to create rings of energy onscreen in this downloadable puzzle game.

  • Zenonia: 1 Player, Published by Gamevil, RPG, 800 DSi Points, Rated E

This is an RPG that was originally only available for mobile phones. The game looks pretty good, and now that it’s available for the DSi, it may be worth a look by RPG enthusiasts.

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