This Week’s Nintendo Downloads (8/16/10)

Still nothing in the way of Virtual Console releases for Wii owners this week. But here’s the list of WiiWare and DSiWare downloads for you to check out.


  • A Monsteca Corral: Monsters vs. Robots: 1-4 Players, Published by Onteca, Strategy, 500 Wii Points, Rated E
  • Space Trek: 1 Player, Published by CALARIS, Shooter, 700 Wii Points, Rated E 10+

This week’s WiiWare titles are on the budget priced list, and both games seem like fairly decent downloads. Now, don’t just go and download them because you think I’m telling you to. Check out Nintendo’s website for more info on these titles. Heck, you should check out the trailer for Space Trek just for kicks. (The voice acting is so bad it’s awesome.)


  • 3D Mahjong: 1 Player, Published by cosmigo, Puzzle, 500 DSi Points, Rated E
  • Divergent Shift: 1 Player, Published by Konami, Puzzle Platformer, 800 DSi Points, Rated E
  • Just SING! National Anthems: 1 Player, Published by Engine Software, Karaoke, 200 DSi Points, Rated E
  • myNotebook: Carbon: 1 Player, Published by Nnooo, Writing Application, 500 DSi Points, No Rating

DSiWare is coming at ya with some strange downloads this week. 3D Mahjong and Divergent Shift seem normal enough, but Just SING! allows you to sing along to a number of national anthems, and myNotebook isn’t even a game. Simply put, it’s used to write down notes.

Nintendo, please add three Virtual Console titles next week.  Pretty please?

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