This Week’s Nintendo Downloads (12/6/10)

It’s days like today that I enjoy seeing what’s on tap for Nintendo’s current console and handheld. I like seeing Virtual Console games up for download. I like seeing intriguing titles on WiiWare. I like… Well, I don’t really like much of what goes on in terms of DSiWare, but I can overlook those flops when I see a nice library of downloads on the Wii. Check out this week’s downloads below.

Virtual Console

  • SonSon — 1-2 Players, Published by Capcom, Shoot ’em Up, Rated E, 800 Wii Points

Traverse a number of levels in this horizontally scrollin shoot ’em up. The game, which is based on a popular Chinese literary masterpiece, was popular in arcades in 1984, and it looks like a solid download for anyone with a retro itch.

  • Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando — 1-2 Players, Published by Capcom, Shoot ’em Up, Rated E10+, 800 Wii Points

Go commando (please, not literally; just accept my bad pun) in this top-view run-and-gun title as you take down countless enemy troops.


  • Fireplacing — 1 Player, Published by Korner Entertainment, Fireplace Simulator (I’m serious), Rated E, 500 Wii Points

Remember when I said there were some intriguing WiiWare titles this week? Yeah, this one doesn’t count. Just watch the trailer and have a good laugh.


  • Fluidity — 1 Player, Published by Nintendo, Puzzle, Rated E, 1,200 Wii Points

Here we go. This is the intriguing title I was talking about! Solve puzzles and utilize water’s various forms in this physics-based game. While you’re at it, use this game to extinguish Fireplacing.

  • Racer’s Island: Crazy Arena — 1-4 Players, Published by Zallag, Racing, Rated E, 600 Wii Points

Racer’s Island combines things like hockey and paintball with kart racing. Strange much?


  • Daijoro! Samurai Defenders — 1-2 Players, Published by Abylight, Startegy, Rated E, 800 DSi Points

Defend the pride of Japan and engage in battle in this downloadable strategy game.

  • Rytmik: Rock Edition — 1 Player, Published by Cinemax, Music, Rated E, 200 DSi Points

Create your own music with Rytmik: Rock Edition. If you’ve got a creative side, then you may enjoy this title as it’s already received a number of favorable reviews.

  • Space Ace — 1 Player, Published by Digital Leisure, Rated E10+, 800 DSi Points

The laserdisc arcade game comes to DSiWare. If you’re into those old-school interactive games, then this is for you. If not, carry on.

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