The Week’s Nintendo Downloads (11/8/10)

The Nintendo shop has a somewhat small offering of downloadable Wii and DSi titles this week. Let’s take a look at the two WiiWare and three DSiWare games on the market today.


  • Gods vs. Humans — 1 Player, Published by Zallag, Strategy, 1,200 Wii Points, Rated E

You play as one of several mythological gods and stop groups of pestering humans from invading the heavens. Just don’t kill them. After all, what’s a god without followers?

  • Mix Superstar — 1 Player, Published by Digital Leisure, Music, 500 Wii Points, Rated E

Play DJ and create your very own music using over 1,000 pre-recorded samples. Got a USB mic or Wii Speak? Then feel free to throw in some snazzy vocals, too!


  • Adventure in Vegas: Slot Machine — 1 Player, Published by Gamelion, Gambling, 200 DSi Points, Rated T

Take all of the addictive nature of slots and play on three different machines in this title by Gamelion. I’m still waiting on Furry Legends 2, Gamelion!

  • Discolight — 1 Player, Published by Kaasa, App, 200 DSi Points, Rated E

Just as useless as last week’s Flashlight. Although this download features a tacky disco theme!

  • GO Series: Pinball Attack — 1 Player, Published by Gamebridge, Arcade, Rated E

An attack…of pinball!

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