This Week’s Nintendo Downloads (11/29/10)

Nintendo is stocking its online markets with digital goodies on this fine Cyber Monday with downloads worth checking out on the Virtual Console, WiiWare, and DSiWare. Check out the list of virtual titles below.

Virtual Console

  • Magical Drop 2 — 1-2 Players, Published by D4 Enterprise, Puzzle, Rated T, 900 Wii Points

Line up balloons of the same color to clear your playing field. The usual round of puzzle game antics are featured here such as sabotaging your opponents by hitting special balloons. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the T rating, that’s basically there due to the bouncing of female characters.


  • Airport Mania: First Flight — 1-4 Players, Published by Lemon Games, Sim, Rated E, 500 Wii Points

Fly planes to their destination, perform routine maintenance, and get your passengers to wherever they need to go on time.

  • HB Arcade Disc Golf — 1-4 Players, Published by HB Studios Multimedia, Sports, Rated E, 1,000 Wii Points

Ever wanted to play disc golf without having to actually go to the park? Well, here’s your chance.

  • Cave Story Demo — 1 Player, Published by Nicalis, 2D Action-Adventure, Rated E10+

Cave Story is easily one of the greatest indie games ever crafted. Still reading this? Why?! Go download Cave Story already if you haven’t played it! And if you have it on your PC, it doesn’t hurt to support a game as awesome as Cave Story.


  • Cave Story — 1 Player, Published by Nicalis, 2D Action-Adventure, Rated E10+, 1,000 DSi Points

Adventure across a huge world and save the helpless Mimiga tribe. Best DSi download ever? Download it and see for yourself, but I think it may just be!

  • Frenzic — 1 Player, Published by Two Tribes, Puzzle, Rated E, 200 DSi Points

Fill circles with pie-like pieces of matching colors to clear levels.

  • Spot It! Challenge — 1-4 Players, Big John Games, Hidden Object Game, Rated E, 200 DSi Points

Find hidden objects across 10 different levels.

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