This Week’s Nintendo Downloads (11/22/10)

Remember Nintendo’s downloadable demo feature on the Wii Shop Channel? Though the Big N never placed much emphasis on it and never really followed it up in any major way, it was a useful feature, and it definitely allowed gamers to see whether or not they wanted certain games or not. Nintendo has brought this feature back (as you may have heard in recent news), and they are offering four playable demos for hit WiiWare titles. Check out the downloadable titles releasing today for the Wii and DSi below.

Virtual Console

  • Spin Master — 1-2 Players, Published by D4 Enterprise, Platformer/Beat ’em Up, Rated E10+, 900 Wii Points

Find your kidnapped girlfriend and reclaim a piece of your stolen treasure map in this old-school Neo Geo beat ’em up.


  • Snowpack Park — 1-2 Players, Published by Nintendo, Adventure, Rated E, 800 Wii Points

Rescue and train penguins, play minigames, and even take creepy pictures of yourself with some penguins in this strange WiiWare download.

  • And Yet It Moves Demo — 1 Player, Published by Broken Rules, Puzzle Platformer, Rated E

Puzzle platforming comes to the Wii in this stylish indie game.

  • Bit.Trip Fate Demo — 1 Player, Published by Aksys Games, Rhythm/Shoot ’em Up, Rated E

Forget about descriptions. Just download it!

  • Jett Rocket Demo — 1 Player, Published by Shin’en Multimedia, Platformer

Play through a handful of levels and run, jump, and battle your way to the end in this enjoyable (though incredibly short) 3D platformer.

  • ThruSpace Demo — 1 Player, Published by Nintendo, Puzzle

Rotate objects of different shapes and place them inside gaps in a wall.


  • Music on: Electric Guitar — 1 Player, Published by Abylight, Music, 200 DSi Points, Rated E

Tired of playing with plastic guitar-shaped controllers? Then download Music on: Electric Guitar and play the instrument on your DSi. Of course, if you’re really tired of playing with plastic guitar-shaped controllers you can always just get rid of them.

  • Supermarket Mania — 1 Player, Published by G5 Entertainment AB, Simulation, 500 DSi Points, Rated E

Watch the clock and perform tasks at a speedy pace in this time management game.

  • Tetris Party Live — 1-4 Players, Published by Tetris Online, Puzzle, 500 DSi Points, Rated E

Play Tetris online against your pals in the latest iteration of the popular hectic puzzle game.

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