This Week’s Nintendo Downloads (10/25/10)

WiiWare and DSiWare downloads return this week, and this time Nintendo is offering a new Bit. Trip title for fans of the series. Check out the list of downloads from the Big N below.


  • Bit. Trip Fate — 1 Player, Published by Aksys Games, Shoot ’em Up, 800 Wii Points, Rated E

The latest entry in the Bit. Trip series is a good ol’ shoot ’em up. Fans of the series and fans of the genre would do well to check out Commander Video’s latest adventure.

  • My Planetarium — 1 Player, Published by Hudson, Simulation, 500 Wii Points, Rated E

Like star-gazing but don’t feel like going outside? If that’s the case, then this is probably the game for you. My Planetarium allows you to check out the night sky, take celestial tours, and read up on astronomy-related mythology…right through your TV!


  • Flashlight — 1 Player, Published by Kaasa solution GmbH, No Genre, 200 DSi Points, No Rating

Flashlight is a DSi app that spruces up your handheld’s screens and supposedly offers a strong light source. Anyone want to spend 200 DSi Points to see the validity of this? Anyone? Anyone at all?

  • Go! Go! Island Rescue! — 1 Player, Published by Connect2Media, Puzzle, 500 DSi Points, Rated E10+

Help firefighters throw the hapless victims of a volcanic eruption around some hotel rooms to get them to the fire exit.

  • Go Series: Defense Wars — 1 Player, Published by Gamebridge, Tower Defense, 200 DSi Points, Rated E10+

Arm yourself with guns and tanks as you take on enemy forces in this stylus-based tower defense game.

  • Spot the Difference — 1-6 Players, Published by Enjoy Gaming, Difference-Spotting, 500 DSi Points, Rated E

Spot the difference in Spot the Difference, a difference-spotting download for the DSi.

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