This Week’s Nintendo Downloads (10/1/10)

Nintendo is adding six new downloads to their inventory of virtual games. This week sees one Virtual Console game, two new WiiWare titles, and three more DSiWare games to take on the go.

Virtual Console

  • Street Slam — 1-2 Players, Published by D4 Enterprise, Sports, 900 Wii Points, Rated E

If you’re not into the flashy visuals and complicated control schemes of modern sports games and prefer retro arcade sports titles, then Street Slam may be the game for you. Featuring all the 2D thrills you could want in an old-school basketball game, Street Slam brings the nostalgia with simple gameplay and controls.


  • Gene Labs — 1-2 Players, Published by Frontline Studios, Puzzle, 500 Wii Points, Rated E

Want to play doctor for a while? Then inject viruses with medicine and protect healthy cells from falling victim to disease in Gene Labs.

  • Robox — 1 Player, Published by DreamBox Games, Platformer, 1,000 Wii Points, Rated E

Guide a box-shaped Robot through different colorful worlds and solve puzzles along the way in Robox, a side-scrolling puzzle platformer.


  • Gene Labs — 1 Player, Published by Frontline Studios, Puzzle, 200 DSi Points, Rated E

A smaller, more compact version of the WiiWare game.

  • Paul’s Shooting Adventure — 1 Player, Published by Agetec, Shoot ’em Up, 200 DSi Points, Rated E

Control Paul, an infant superhero with awesome powers, and help him take down enemies in this insanely colorful side-scrolling shooter.

  • Peg Solitaire — 1-2 Players, Published by Circle Entertainment, Board Game, 500 DSi Points, Rated E

Tilt and turn your DSi as you guide a digital marble through a digital board.

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