GamerSyndrome at E3 2010: Nintendo 3DS Impressions

GamerSyndrome at E3 2010: Nintendo 3DS Impressions

It’s no surprise that everyone was talking about the Nintendo 3DS before, during, and after this year’s E3.  I had the privilege of checking out the 3DS (without having to wait in line), and I must say I was very, very impressed.  The fact that the 3DS doesn’t require use of some ridiculous glasses is an impressive feat all on its own, but the adjustable level of 3D, presentational aspects, and plain awesomeness of this next-gen handheld just add to the console’s appeal.

While at Nintendo’s booth, I got the chance to check out three trailers, and I even played a tech demo on the 3DS.  I’m going to talk about the first trailer I watched on Nintendo’s dual screen 3D handheld.  The 3D trailer was for the much-anticipated Kid Icarus: Uprising.  The trailer was very cinematic, and there were tons of stereoscopic 3D effects.  Projectiles and flying enemies all seemed to fly out toward me thanks to the 3D effects, and the thing I noticed almost immediately was the more “real” detail thanks to the 3D engine.  I was impressed, but this was only the beginning.

Next on the list was the interactive trailer for Resident Evil: Revelations.  This game allowed camera manipulation through use of the 3DS’s analog nub.  I was moving the camera left, right, up, and down, and I was zooming in and out.  While watching this trailer, I noticed just how much of s step up the visuals were from cut-scenes on the current DS.

Next up was the playable Steel Diver, a side-scrolling underwater game where I had to steer a submarine to the end of the stage.  I navigated my sub using the touch screen, and this game served as a means of utilizing the 3D effects to make the line between foreground and background very apparent.  The environments almost appeared tangible, a fact that still makes me wonder what kind of tech the 3DS is using!

My last stop on the Nintendo 3DS front was the interactive trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater – The Naked Sample.  This was probably the most impressive game I checked out on the 3DS as it included several environmental features which just seemed to pop out of the screen.  Grass, ropes holding up a bridge, snakes, and countless other things just seemed to jump out of the 3DS’s screen.  It was insane to be viewing all of those things and realizing that they were all actually trapped within the confines of the 3DS.

I left the 3DS area in awe, and I knew I had to report on all that I had seen there.  If you’ve checked out the 3DS, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  If not, then you really have to see this thing for yourself.  I hope I was able to give you a slight idea of what to expect from this next-gen handheld.

This pretty much wraps up GamerSyndrome’s E3 2010 coverage.  I hope you all enjoyed the ride, and I hope you enjoyed everything I reported on.  E3 was easily one of the most memorable experiences in my young freelancing career, and it’s one I won’t forget.  From one gamer to another: I hope to see you at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2011!

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