Nintendo 3DS Images?!

Some images were showcased on a site called Munch Blog that are rumored to be that of the new Nintendo 3DS.  While no one, other than the developers themselves, can know whether that’s true or not we will simply watch as the rumor mill continues to spill out information.  We weren’t supposed to see anything about the 3DS until E3 so the information, if true, would be leaked and therefore very tasty.

The pictures shown below are very interesting, but one would think that Nintendo would have stuck to the dual screen set-up considering that the 3DS was claimed to be backwards compatible .  Nintendo isn’t known for making unattractive hardware, so it’s hard to believe that this is the 3DS we will see at E3.

The pictures below show the basic set up of the handheld device, but the most notable feature is the screen.  The single screen moves around at many different angles and can be positioned horizontally and vertically.  This could allow for dual screen type play, or even wide screen.  There is an analog stick positioned just below the D-Pad and could prove to be an interesting direction for Nintendo handheld gaming.  Two cameras are also set on the left and right side of the gamepad and rotate 180 degrees.  This seems like it could be a step towards allowing for 3D picture taking which is a huge step in itself despite it being on the 3DS.

Most of this is speculation from along with some of my own thoughts based on what they’ve said.  Game Informer even mentions that, “poor translation leaves most details about the mysterious piece of hardware sketchy.”  It could be that it’s all just a hoax or a misinterpretation of what’s being shown.  Only time will tell.

What do you think?  Real or fake?

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