Netflix Finally Making its Way to the Wii

Are you a Wii owner?  Are you also a fan of movies and/or an assortment of short films and TV shows?  Good, because Netflix has finally confirmed that it will be coming to Nintendo’s platform.  The service first made its way to the Xbox 360, soon followed by the PS3, and finally Wii owners are getting their chance to watch movies using their gaming console.  Just like the Netflix services on the Xbox 360 and PS3, if you have a basic Netflix membership you will be granted access to their entire Instant Play library at no additional cost.

Just like on the PS3, you will require a software disc to use the service and Netflix ships those out for free.  However, because the Wii is not able to display settings above 480p, HD films and TV shows will not be available so we’ll all just have to keep our fingers crossed for the announcement of the long rumored Wii HD.  No word yet on when the service will be coming to the Wii but that should be revealed fairly soon.

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