Sony’s Motion Controller finally named

Sony has finally (and officially) named to their PS3 motion controller. Simply called Move, the company hopes to win over the Wii audience.

“There’s not a high level of precision in the Wii,” notes Sony’s Peter Dille, head of hardware marketing at SCEA. He believes the Move has more precision.

“Nothing has ever been this precise, this responsive,” said Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony Worldwide Studios.

Yoshida believes the Move will breathe in new life into new game genres.

The Move launches later this year and is expected to arrive as a bundle release. Included will be the wand, PS Eye camera and a game.

Sports Champions is in the works, but other games like Gladiator Arena and Table Tennis is said to show off the Move’s precision and accuracy.

Other games, like Move! Party – by UK indie Supermassive Games – uses augmented reality via the PS Eye camera.

Older games, like LittleBigPlanet, will be redesigned for using the motion controller as well.

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  1. Totally lame. The once rumored “Arc” wasn’t a bad name, even though it wasn’t terribly descriptive. I guess “Move” is still better than “Jem”. I think the tech behind it seems cool – and perhaps more precise than the WiiMote – but I have my doubts how PlayStation Bowling is going to entice grandparents to buy a $300 gaming, BlueRay and Core device.

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